Platform | Customer-to-tribe campaigns


Create customer-to-tribe campaigns that convert sales and increase customer lifetime value

Get the most comprehensive and intuitive tools for getting more best customers for less. Create and launch diverse customer-to-tribe (C2T) referral campaigns in a single day.

Benefits of Tribeify’s Campaigner

  • Create, review, edit, and ready C2T referral campaigns in minutes
  • Get on-brand marketing automation that creates 21+ connected referral campaign assets in seconds
  • Enjoy WYSIWYG editors that make it a breeze to modify any single campaign asset
  • Clone an existing referral campaign to reuse or adjust for easy A/B testing
  • Segment your customers within brand categories for highly targeted campaigns
  • Take comfort in knowing Tribeify is an enterprise grade referral marketing platform 
next gen loyalty

Deliver seamless customer experiences and referral offers that convert sales and build next-generation loyalty

Turn your best customers into your best sales reps. Tribeify delivers low friction, high engagement, C2T referral sharing tools. They’re the perfect way to grow tribes.

Benefits of Tribeify’s Customer-to-Tribe Sharing
  • Customers can send ‘Give and Get’ referral offers to their friends and social networks
  • Messages get scripted by us, edited by you, and can be personalized by each customer
  • Offers can get sent to friends via email, social media, SMS or other DM services
  • Links to customer-to-tribe offers get personalized with the customers name
  • Email sharing has built-in, real-time, email address validation for zero bounce rate
  • Lightbox technology ensures all customer-to-tribe sharing takes place on your website

Grow tribal leaders within products or service categories through status and recognition

Create tribal leaders within given brand categories using incentives. The more friends they convert, the more recognition and reward they receive.

Benefits of Tribeify’s Converter
  • Set up a consistent ‘give and get’ campaign on your store’s website for all customers
  • Send targeted ‘give and get’ campaigns to best customers within a given brand category
  • Recognize your high performers with special ‘give and get’ offers giving them a chance to get higher rewards
  • Create VIP campaigns for customers with the most conversions to ‘get’ prize bundles
  • Announce to all the number of best customers who reached new milestones in the program
consent data

Collect privacy-first, consent data from your best customers and reward them in exchange

Tribeify’s progressive profiling tools enable you to get personal with your tribes. Create and launch privacy first, questionnaires, quizzes, and polls for consent data acquisition.

Benefits of Tribeify’s Consent Data
  • Create, review, edit, and ready questionnaires, quizzes, and polls in minutes
  • Get on brand marketing automation to create consent data assets fast
  • Enjoy WYSIWYG editors that make modifying assets a breeze
  • Clone an existing quiz, questionnaire, or poll to reuse or adjust for easy A/B testing
  • Archive quiz, questionnaire, and polls for quick access and reuse 

Personalize your customers experience by giving them their own program dashboards

Give your customers personalized dashboards with access to all their program activity. Add any number of questionnaires, quizzes, polls, and their ‘give and get’ rewards in one spot.

Benefits of Tribeify’s My Dashboard
  • Provide customers with real-time reporting on ‘give and get’ stats and points earned
  • Present active questionnaires, quizzes, and polls and the reward points they can earn
  • Display completed questionnaires, quizzes, and polls for reference and added transparency
  • Automate frequent delivery of key questionnaires to ensure their consent data is current
  • Allow customers to upload their profile photos to make their dashboard more personal
  • Give customers “the right to be forgotten” by allowing them to have their personal data removed at any time
real-time dashboards

Access real-time client dashboards that give you your own program command centre

Get everything you and your team need to manage your tribal marketing program. Clean, simple, intuitive dashboards make it easy to run your program in real-time.

Benefits of Tribeify’s Commander
  • Assign and manage your team members access and permissions based on their roles
  • Get real-time analytics and reporting at the campaign and program level
  • Review individual customer’s profiles and program stats on a single scorecard
  • Analyze program success from advocacy, customer acquisition, and monetary gain
  • Sort advocates by number of friends converted to understand your most active advocates
  • Access tooltips and a comprehensive knowledge base for self-help and human support

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