herobg Get More Referrals “92% of consumers are more likely to TRUST a recommendation if it comes from someone they know.” Nielson Global – Online Consumer Survey “Although 83% of happy customers would be willing to make a referral, only 29% actually do it without being asked.” Advisor Impact – Anatomy of the Referral

Brand Advocacy Made Easy

You’re the best in your market and your customers know it. Isn’t it time you give them a chance to show it? With tribeify’s all-in-one referral marketing platform, your customers can ‘give and get’ rewards for referring you to the people who trust them the most.




Get WIN, WIN, WIN referral marketing with tribeify’s end-to-end, fully automated, refer-a-friend platform.

You Win


Customers Win

Your Customers WIN

Your Customers Friends WIN

Promote ‘Refer-a-Friend’ to Current Customers

Tribeify enables you to leverage every touch-point in your customer relationships to promote your refer-a-friend program to current customers.

Current Customers Recommend You to Friends

Current Customers use tribeify’s low-friction, high-engagement, referral platform to deliver refer-a-friend offers to the people who know and trust them the most.

Friends Check Out Customer Referrals

Real referrals, from real customers – get friends to take action. Friends review refer-a-friend offers from current customers along with their endoursment.

Friends Redeem Their Rewards When They Purchase

Friends redeem their rewards when they purchase your goods and/or services. Each referral reward redemption triggers an equal value reward that gets sent to current customers for their successful referral.

Current Customers Get Rewarded for Referrals

Current customers get an equal value reward for each successful referral. They also get to become a Super Advocate and earn extra rewards when they successfully meet set milestones. 

Current Customers Redeem Their Rewards When They Purchase

Current customers redeem their rewards when they purchase your goods and/or services. They are then sent Super Advocate promotions to encourage them to refer more and more friends.

New Customers Join Referral Program

Each new customer is automatically invited to refer friends to get even more rewards. These new referred customers are 4x more likely to become your next Super Advocates.

Measure, Analyze and Continuously Improve

Each of your ‘give and get’ refer-a-friend rewards are tracked, measured, analyzed, and modified to ensure you get maximum performance. Your success is tribeify’s success.


Best-in-class referral marketing platform designed to seamlessly deliver ‘surprise and delight’ customer experiences and offers that convert sales and build loyalty.


marketing automation

Fully automated referral marketing platform delivers seamless ‘give and get’ rewards campaigns that match your brand.


Give and Get Rewards App

Best in class rewards application delivers, tracks, redeems and manages all of your refer-a-friend offers.


A/B Offer Testing

A/B split testing to analyze and continuously improve engagement with your customers and conversion of your offers.


intelligent offer management

Intelligent offer management application tags, delivers, and tracks your referral marketing campaign activities and participants.

helping you work smarter

Helping you work smarter

Tribeify works harder so that you can work smarter. We help you get more new customers who stay longer, buy more often, and actively promote your business.




Q. Why do I need a referral marketing program?2019-03-05T12:50:08-04:00

A. Growing your business through qualified referrals builds advocacy and increases loyalty. Although 83% of happy customers would be willing to make a referral, only 29% actually do it without being asked.


Q: Is this something that I can do myself?2019-05-01T15:06:01-04:00

A: We did it so I suppose it’s possible that you could too. The question you need to ask yourself is what business is it that I am in? And, what are the opportunity costs of not focusing on the business of running my business? Let’s face it, there’s a reason why TESLA, Dropbox, UBER, and countless major brands don’t build their own referral marketing programs. That’s why we’ve custom-built our brand advocacy platform for enterprise level retail and financial services businesses. You get to reap the benefits of a professional referral marketing solution and end-to-end program design, development, and management.

Q: How do I figure out how how create the right referral offers?2019-05-01T15:16:18-04:00

A: The best way to figure out what your referral offer should be is by beginning with knowing your average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Knowing the number of times your average customer visits per year X their average spend per visit X how many years the average customer stays with you = average CLV. Add in the fact that referred customers tend to be worth 25% more than non-referred customers, and the answer becomes much clearer. We can help you determine the right incentive for your customers and their friends. Talk to us about how to incorporate gamification into your referral offer strategy.

Q: What prevents customers from using a referral program offer codes more than once?2019-05-01T15:20:30-04:00

A: We’ve put a number of safeguards in place to prevent customers from using offer codes more than once. Talk to us about our many security features, including offer codes.

Q: Who will be doing what before, during and after my referral program is live?2019-05-01T15:36:15-04:00

A: Tribeify is a full-service referral marketing firm. We work with you to every step of the way to ensure that you are maximizing your referral program for the benefit of you, your customers, and their friends. Contact us today. We would love to show you just how easy it can be to have your very own custom referral marketing program.

Clarify Your Message

If you confuse, you lose the customer. Fact is, that people buy products they can understand fastest. Make it count!

Step 1 of 3: Referral Business Formula

Attract Your Best Customers

Does your current Outside Perception match that brilliant Inside Reality you’ve worked so hard to create?

Step 2 of 3: Referral Business Formula

Grow Through Qualified Referrals

In order to get the right referrals, several things need to be in place. Learn to grow your business on purpose.

Step 3 of 3: Referral Business Formula




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